Effects of Technology Usage on Learning

Examines both the negative and positive effects of technology usage on elementary to college students

A Novel 3-D Engineered Solution for Congenital Microtia of the Ear

The purpose is to determine if a more effective solution by developing various 3D artificial auricles and external auditory canals will allow for better sound capture and transmittance. If a 3D engineered or artificially molded auricle and external auditory canal can be designed to effectively channel surrounding sound waves through it, then the sound waves will be detected by a sound probe.

Memory Retention in Regenerated Planaria

Third Prize Winner

This project will test if planarians that have been dissected into different pieces can retain memory of the original planaria

Using Low-Cost Hybrid Technology to Decrease Emissions in Motorcycles

First Prize Winner

Best Engineering Award

My project was to design and build a solution to solving the problem of pollution due to the high emissions from the millions of small older motorcycles and mopeds in developing countries as well as motorcycle here in America. I have created a universal, inexpensive, hybrid "backpack" that bolts to the back of a variety of different kinds of motorcycles with little-to-no modifications, to provide electric power to the rear wheel. My design works in a manner that is similar to hybrid car technology, charging from a wall outlet or during braking. It is designed for low-speed travel, and assists in higher speeds.

Nanobots in Cancer Treatment

Nanobots are extremely small robots that have several applications, some of which include, early detection of cancer cells, and identification and repairing of damaged cells. This is a research paper that mainly addresses the origins of Nanobots, their advantages, disadvantages, future and the challenges scientists face in building them.

Cost Efficiency of Combining Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) for Melting Ice

I conducted this experiment to determine which ratio of sodium chloride (NaCl) to calcium chloride (CaCl2) is most cost efficient to use in melting ice. Ice on roadways is very dangerous, causing fatalities and damage to property. Sodium chloride (NaCl) is more readily available and inexpensive but only works on its’ own down to 20°F. Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is more expensive, but it is better for the environment, less corrosive, works faster, and effective to -25°F. My data will show which combination is most effective and I will evaluate cost efficiency.

Integrating Projectile Motion with a Distance Interval

Grand Prize Winner

Best Presentation Award

Projectile motion includes many familiar objects; such as bullets, satellites, and planets. However, calculating projectile motion becomes very difficult when there are constantly changing variables. These variables often include elevation, the force of gravity, and the force of air resistance. However, if the projectile's trajectory is broken up into an infinite amount of infinitely small distance intervals, calculating important values becomes easier. By assuming that variables don't change over an infinitely small distance, constant velocity equations may be used to calculate values. It is then possible to plot the trajectory of any projectile in any situation. In my project, I use my method to calculate the initial launch velocity of a satellite. I then also constructed a simulation on MatLab that finds the velocity of any orbiting object (moon, planet, etc). All of this was calculated using a distance interval integral.

Antibiotic Resistance Through Bacterial Conjugation

Second Prize Winner

An experiment to produce antibiotic resistant bacteria through conjugation of two strains of Escherichia coli that are resistant to different antibiotics.

Balloon Morphing

The experiment evaluated the effect of temperature on the expansion and contraction of gas contained in a balloon.

Caffeine vs. Acetaminophen

Best Environmental Science Award

Best Topic Award

The main objective of my experiment is to test the effects of caffeine and acetaminophen on the growth of fenugreek (methi) seeds.

Fastest Way to Solve a Rubiks cube

I want to be the fastest in solving a Rubiks cube, so I will test two popular methods and see which is faster.

Freezing Point Deptression

First Prize Winner

Best Presentation Award

To experiment with different solutes (salt and sugar) to understand their effect on the freezing point of water.

Electrolyte Challenge

Makayla will be testing to see if sports drinks really perform as well as the advertisers say they do. She will do an experiment comparing sports drinks to orange juice to see which have more electrolytes.

The Science of Spherification

How do you make a juice ball and which substances can I transform into juice balls?

Gelatin & the Speed of Light

How do you measure the speed of light in gelatin using a laser? What is the speed of light in gelatin?

Fake Faces

This project will demonstrate the difference between fake and real smiles as well as the data of how people register smiles.

Watt Are You Talking About? Mud Can Produce Power!

Second Prize Winner

Best Alternative Renewable Energy Award

What do smelly dirt and water have in common with a generator? The ability to produce power. Watt, you don't believe me? Well, a bacterium called Sheweulium; Shewy for short, digests simple nutrients in the dirt. When Shewy eats dirt, he releases energy like a capacitor giving power to the circuit and he will continue to do so until his food supply runs out. Shewy's food is the organic matter in the dirt, which he helps decompose. The more organic matter the better Shewy grows. The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate different soils and soil thickness to see what are best conditions to generate power.

Finding Your Balance

Do ballet dancers have better balance than non- ballet dancers? Through a series of balance tests, the answer to this question is revealed.

Shampoo Solutions

I made two homemade shampoos and tested how well they well they performed in comparison to a store-bought shampoo.


Comparing the amount of electrolytes in commercial sports drink vs homemade sports drinks using a multimeter.

To Eat or Not to Eat

I will perform experiments testing what surfaces and foods get the most bacteria when dropped on the ground.

Paper in Flight

I studied the flight of paper airplanes using different types of paper. Each plane had the same design.

Gluten vs. Gluten Free

Best Background Research Award

My project is a comparative study of gluten-free products and regular products, based on price, nutritional content, and the number of ingredients. I am testing the hypothesis that gluten-free products aren't as nutritious because they have more processed ingredients.

Time Travel - Fact or Fiction

A research of time travel. The possibilities, theories, and paradoxes of time travel.

Laser Vision with TDCS

Third Prize Winner

Best Content Award

The purpose of this project is to determine if electricity on the brain has an impact on short-term vision clarity.

Jr. Neuropschologist


How much radiation is around us ?

In modern days, we deal with lots of equipment that emits radiation. Is it at safer level? What are the different ways we get exposed to radiations. This project is to identify and measure those radiations.

The Evolution of Augemented Reality

Best Applied Technology Award

Best Computer Science Award

Augmented Reality provides the 3D information of any object in an easy-to-understand way.

Best Parachute Shape 2

Testing which parachute shape is best for dropping cargo with procedure and sample corrections based on last years project and results.

The Germ Shop

I went to local grocery stores and swabbed shopping carts to find out how much bacteria is on the shopping carts at each store.

Does using manipulation aides during testing have a positive or negative affect on test results

Best Display Board Award

Does using manipulation aides during testing have a positive or negative affect on test results

Electrolyte Challenge: Orange Juice vs. Sports Drink

Third Prize Winner

The student will test the electrolyte levels of Gatorade, orange juice, distilled water, and tap water by completing an electrical current that is measured by a multimeter. She will calculate the level of conductivity of each liquid by recording the readings on the multimeter. The liquid with the highest level of conductivity will be the liquid with the highest level of electrolytes.

The Fuel Cycle of the Future

Developing an efficient source of fuel storage by working with the chemical makeup of water.

How are you HURTING your golf game?

A review of most common golf injuries and testing of continued play with Kinesiology taping for various injuries.

Caffeine and Short Term Memory

Testing whether or not ingesting caffeine will affect the outcome of short term memory tests. Subjects will complete memory tests without caffeine and also after ingesting 200 mg of caffeine.

Water Conservation Methods in Agriculture

Second Prize Winner

This experiment will take 5 different common agriculture farming methods and see which method is most effective at reducing water runoff. The experiment will also measure the amount of sediment in the runoff.

Detection of Staphylococcus aureus Prevalence in the Quad Cities’ Genesis Hospitals

First Prize Winner

The purpose of this investigation was to both explore the inhabitance of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus in Quad Cities Genesis Hospitals, and identify the areas in which the bacteria was most commonly found.

If it was made from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don't

If it was made from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don't

using IoT to analyse affect of lighting on sensors

The goal of this project was to use the data collected from the robot runs on various fields and understand the impact of it on the performance.

Speed of light in 3 liquids

Speed of light in 3 liquids

Comparing the Bacterial Growth of Old and New Cosmetics

In this project, I will compare the bacterial growth of old and new cosmetics. I will be testing to see whether having old cosmetics such as makeup is a health hazard.

Which acne medication is most effective?

The objective is to determine which acne medications are the most effective in preventing the growth of acne, over-the-counter or prescription. If prescription, then which prescription acne medication is the most effective.


Our objective is to find which object will float on water or not based on density. We will use few household objects and will calculate density by measuring volume and weight. Then make prediction if they will float on water based on calculated density. We will validate our prediction by conducting experiment.

Wi-Fi Breakthrough: Changing The Width Of A Parabola In Parabolic Reflectors

Parabolic reflectors are used to increase Wi-Fi. As such, they are in the shape of a parabola. The purpose of this project is to find how changing the width of the parabola in a parabolic reflector affects its effectiveness at speeding up Wi-Fi.

The Effect of Color on Memory Retrieval

The purpose of this statement is to see if color and color shade, bright and dark, effects the ability to remember things in a good or bad way. Memory retrieval is the last out of the four memory processes. Retrieval is the process of remembering information and pulling it out from either short-term or long-term memory. Memory retrieval is more effective when information is associated with older information, or is personally meaningful. Information that is more difficult to understand is remembered in a distorted form. It will also acknowledge if color coding and highlighting effects studying off of notes.

Diameter, height, and texture of cookies in relation to ingredients and baking time

Throughout the process of baking, each ingredient goes through a chemical reaction with the other ingredients in the recipe. Cookie ingredients affect the end product throughout each stage of baking. The diameter and height are dependent on flour, butter, and baking time. The texture depends on all of the ingredients, the temperature, and the baking time. During the time in the oven, the Maillard reaction occurs, causing the sugar to react with the eggs and flour, which produces water and browns the cookie, so the cookie is baked, but also stays moist ("Why food browns", n.d.). This project tests the effects that different variations of ingredients and baking time have on diameter, height, and texture of chocolate chip cookies.

Bottled water vs. tap water

Testing quality of different types of water


The study of hydraulics and demonstration of hydraulic arm robot

Magic or Science? - The Rochester Cloak

Using four lens to create a cloaking device.

Brain Hacker - Jumper Cables For Your Brain

First Prize Winner

This project tested the effects of memory after being subjected to low amounts of electricity applied to the head using 9 volt batteries.

Flight of the Ping Pong Ball: Effects of the Spin and the Creation of the Magnus Effect

Grand Prize Winner

The purpose of this experiment is to discover how different spins effect spherical objects and the air surrounding them.

Good Vibrations

To determine how the position, relative to the end of the string, of the pickup on an electric guitar affects the tone of the sound produced when the string is plucked.

Good, Bad, and Ugly!

This topic will include information about: Why Is White Sugar White? and What is Tomato Ketchup Made Of? These taste good but also have bad affects on consumer health.

Hovering Versus Continuous Flight: Quadcopter Battery Life

If I hover my Byrobot Drone Fighter Mini-Combat Quadcopter in my basement, the battery will last longer than if I continuously fly my quadcopter in my basement. (Hypothesis)

How much is shared between grandchildren and grandparents?

Although a child receives equal amounts of DNA from each parent, a grandchild is likely to receive different amounts of DNA from each grandparent because the DNA the child receives from the parents is randomly passed on. This project will look at the variance.

Radon in the Residences

This project tested homes in the Bettendorf, Riverdale Heights area for Radon. Prior to setting up the tests, residents were given a survey about Radon to determine if they thought they had unsafe levels in their home. The results were interesting!

Seasonal Bird Feed Consumption

Second Prize Winner

For nine months I studied the bird feed consumption during different seasons in order to find out if the bird feed consumption rate changed with the season. I will demonstrate the analysis results and conclusion of this experiment.

The Magical Bottles

The “blue bottle” reaction is used to illustrate oxidation and reduction reactions, and also to study the rates of chemical reactions. Also trying to focus the experiment with varying colors

How ocean acidification affects rock formation

My experiment will show the relationship between water temperature and the rate of a chemical reaction

Measuring Animal Fat Content in Bratwursts

Will the beginning temperature of a Johnsonville Bratwurst affect how much animal fat remains in it during the cooking process?

What is the Best Shape for a Cargo Parachute

Third Prize Winner

Test parachute design to determine the best shape for safe delivery of cargo

The Mysterious Siphonophores

Phoebe will deliver a video report on the mysterious creature of the midnight zone.


A volcano is a rupture in the crust of a planetary-mass object, such as Earth, that allows hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface. Based on fun chemistry and land irruption we will showcase how volcano irrupt.

Which food would you choose?

The purpose of this experiment is to see what age people make healthier food choices and the hypothesis is that was a gradual increase as people get older.

Electrolyte Challenge

This project compares the electrolyte content of sports drinks to orange juice, and attempts to answer the question of whether there are better alternatives to commercial sports drinks for the average student athlete.

Smart Water Leak Detector

Water Leak Sensor is a handy device that can be used around the house, especially if you live in a floodplain (Iowa ,Illinois) or find your basement leaking or give early warning if your sump pump is not working. Today off the shelf simple water leak detectors would cost anywhere from $35 to $60 which consists of water detecting system and a loud buzzer. This simple water leak detectors are helpful only if someone who are within the audible range of the speaker. Smart water leak sensors proposed here not only give audible alarm but it can also send real-time alerts using home wifi network to the mobile phone and costs lot less (approx. $40).

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